Motivation Mondays


Hi y’all – have been driving northeast all day back to Indiana so don’t have the energy for much of a descriptive post tonight.  I did run this morning (3 miles down Peabody with Libby) before sitting for 7.5 hours in the car!  It’s taper week so I didn’t even feel like I was skimping on miles.

What are you waiting for?

Stop waiting for the weather to cool off.  Stop waiting for someone to ask to run with you.  Stop waiting for an event to train for.  Stop waiting to have enough money to buy new shoes.  Stop waiting to start eating better.  Stop waiting to feel your best.  Stop waiting for someone to do it for you.  Stop waiting for the right answers.  Stop waiting for perfect timing.  Stop waiting to enjoy getting up to run at 6 am.  Stop waiting for someone to hold your hand.  Stop waiting for life to calm down.  Stop waiting to look or feel like a runner.

Instead wear a hat.  Ask a friend to join you.  Schedule your own event.  Wear old shoes.  Make your next meal a little bit healthier. Exercise through a few rounds of feeling puny, you’ll feel strong after two or three.  Don’t be afraid to struggle though it.  Make your answers the right ones.  Now is perfect timing.  Set the alarm and the coffee pot for the same time.  High five or fist pound that hand you were waiting for at the end of the accomplishment.  Make life calm down by taking charge.  Go out and BE a runner.

DO IT NOW.  Because then you’ll be done, and you can enjoy the finer things in life.  Like frozen yogurt and tequila – or frozen tequila.


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